Welcome to Stoic Dreams

We are currently in a state of early access. But we are working hard to get new features up as quickly as possible.

Roadmap - As of

Wax Loop Wax Loop is a new browser extension tool and companion website. This project is in the early stages of development.

This browser extension is designed for those of us who have a cluttered bookmark toolbar, or use bookmark across multiple browsers. This feature is the primary reason for this project, so that we can organize our bookmarks.

The companion website will feature a search engine tool that will rank websites based on our own popularity algorithm. Data for this algorithm is collection by the Wax Loop extension. Personal information is not collected as part of this data collection.

Did you hear about this job? Currently in active development.

We are planning many new features, including a companion browser extension, email alerts, and notifications.

Task Story In early development, and temporarily paused to prioritize the above projects.

Task Story is an online productivity tool for super-simple task management.

We are looking into using a subscription model for monetization for this product, instead of advertisements. If you have an opinion on the matter, please use the feedback button below to leave your comments.